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Mattia Paco Rizzi

Architect by education, artist by devotion.

Transversal and multidisciplinary, MPR's practice is a delicate alchemy between architecture and the arts - strengthened by the knowledge of construction techniques.

Rational and disciplined yet poetic, his approach revolves around diverse hybrid aspects where the drawings bring the author to converse with himself. Starting with almost impulsive sketches, his creation are turned into mediation tools.

The initial spontaneity of gesture, gradually makes space for technical precision and thorough design research. His body of work reflects his deep human and artistical fondness , in order to serve his relation with the public.
The human being, without whom nothing could be revealed, is the raw material of his architectural artwork. The audience can interact with his installations, becoming both a spectator, a user and a performer.

This research is esthetic and its goal is the a subtraction of the elements. It tries to balance the lines witch express their universal simplicity. This subtraction of elements enables the creation of concepts for new scenario.

MPR with LUIGI GRECO recently has founded GRRIZ. This new brand studio takes care about architecture, design and public spaces. Together they set out in MAXXI Rome (2015) and on the Venice Architecture Biennale ( 2016 ) on Padiglione Italia curated by TAM Associati.

MPR took part and exhibited in various international shows with EXYZT and STUDIO PUBLIC collectives ( Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Istanbul Design Biennale, ParkDesign Bruxelles, Witte de Whit Rotterdam, Evento Bordeaux, Fierce Festival Birmingham,etc )

He lives and works between Paris and the cloud

Mattia Paco Rizzi